Centers of Excellence & Safety = Cost Control

Toyota and Motorola popularized Six Sigma or “lean production” methods. In short, “lean” means an all-out quest for efficiently delivering the highest quality outcome. We are now seeing the first wave of hospitals embracing this modality. The result being far higher quality outcomes while also achieving significantly lower cost.

 Employers are discovering that the very best healthcare costs significantly less.  They are contracting directly with these healthcare centers.  And incentivizing plan members to use these facilities. Unfortunately, many institutions label themselves “COE’s”.  So, you cannot rely on their marketing to determine which facilities are real COE’s.  But we can help you do it!

Company Sponsored Centers of Excellence

You can install a program that will give plan members with high ticket elective surgeries the very best healthcare at a much lower price.

“The right answer is exactly the opposite of wellness programs spending large sums to reduce long-term risks on an unmotivated population.  Rather, a small percentage of our working population needs major interventions and is highly motivated to find the best ones.”

Source: Cracking Health Costs: How to Cut Your Company’s Health Costs and Provide Employees Better Care, Tom Emerick & Al Lewis, 2013 

  • Superior outcomes for procedures
  • Lower cost due to lean management efficiency, i.e. Six Sigma
  • Physician financial incentive not based on volume
  • Lower rate of unnecessary surgery due to “differential diagnosis”
  • Physicians function as teams

Hospital Safety Initiative

You can create a system to direct plan members with routine hospital care away from hospitals with documented low ratings.  And towards much safer institutions.  In fact, when you see the data, you will likely feel compelled to get the word out to your people.  And safer also costs less.

“The magnitude of avoidable suffering, loss of life and added cost is alarming.”

Source: The Altarum report.

  • Lower rates of infection
  • Lower cost due to less complications
  • Lower rates of complications
  • Lower rates of mortality

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