Ray Kurzweil: Futurist, Inventor, Innovator, Author, Computer Scientist & Entrepreneur

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One of a many technology items Mr. Kurzweil speaks about is 3D printing.  Essentially, this industrial application means “printing”, or, you might say making, a three dimensional object by creating one thin layer after another.  See video here on this fantastic technology. There are an enormous amount of applications for this.  Some of the medical accomplishments that are developing include creation of artificial body parts.  For example, Cornell Scientists 3d printed an artificial ear that looks and works just like an actual ear.

But, the real leap in medical technology will be when the 3D printing technology integrates with stem cell science.  Meaning the creation of real body parts.  In an article for CNN, Kurzweil discusses this quantum leap.  He expects that it is coming much sooner than some might think.  Saying that by the early 2020s we will have the ability to print new organs that we need.  This is one of many medical technology breakthroughs apparently on the very near horizon.

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