A Self-Funded Health Plan


Fixing healthcare means installing leading edge platforms that can lower cost while raising health outcomes. A self-funded program gives you the flexibility to do this. Because you own and control your health plan. And you get the power to keep adjusting your plan going forward. Letting you leap well ahead of where conventional health plans can take you.

Control and Savings Potential

Maybe your group is younger and healthier than the average employer. Perhaps you are adopting new best healthcare practices. With Self-funding, you will have claims data to actually manage your plan. And you can be rewarded for your efforts with lower healthcare cost that reflects your group’s actual claims.

A Little More About Self-Funding

  What is Self-Funding?

It allows you to directly participate in the claims performance of the group. Rather than being pooled with hundreds of other employers for rating. You may contract with an unbundled approach. Bringing in best in class administration, provider network and appropriate insurance coverage. Or you might choose a bundled solution with all of these elements together.

  Why go self-funded?

Self-funding is for employers who believe that healthcare costs can indeed be managed. To improve cost control and enhance the member experience. They know that an off-the shelf healthcare plan won’t get them there. You will receive claims data, so you can easily evaluate what is working and what is not. And you will have the ability to completely customize benefits.

 Is there Insurance Protection?

Yes, there is protection with the vast majority of self-funded health plans. Even extremely large employers typically do not “self-fund” all healthcare claims. Rather, these organizations assume funding responsibility for a pre-defined amount of member claims. And they choose a risk level with which they are comfortable. Then, they have insurance to cover claims in excess of this amount. 

 Small Employers too

Many new self-funded options have arrived on the market to address the needs of employers in the 50-200 employee range. As a smaller firm or one wanting to proceed cautiously into self-funding, you can structure a program to have the type of protection that you need. Including a fixed rate option paired with an opportunity to receive a rebate based on favorable claims experience.