90% of our clients are in an innovative health plan

Focus on Fixing Employer Healthcare

We think you want more than an off-the-shelf health plan that doesn’t fix what’s wrong. We believe in using newer, proven solutions to control healthcare cost while delivering a higher quality of care. And engaging digital technology tools to bring benefits into the current era. We had reputations for being innovative before Fix Healthcare. Now, we think it is time to be transformative with healthcare. And so we are dedicating ourselves to being part of the fix!


We are employee benefit consultants/brokers. Who became frustrated with the industry mind-set that we could merely show employers how to cope with a flawed employer healthcare system. But not fix what is wrong with it. We also became believers that we are finally at a positive tipping-point where true, fundamental progression of employer healthcare is possible. Because it is percolating with change. There is the push for health service price & quality transparency and empowering the plan member to obtain value. And healthcare providers are adopting modern, outcome-based management systems to finally lower cost while increasing quality. Plus employers are taking back primary care.  Some employers have already solved their healthcare using these and additional new platforms. We formed Fix Healthcare in 2015 to serve employers who also agree that it is time to finally make awesome things happen with healthcare.

We Have a Wide Range of Experience

Managing clients from small employers all the way up to large, public companies. There are probably few benefit challenges we have not encountered and overcome already. But, we hope that you might have one because we like creating new solutions.